Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surf & Music Expo Summer 2009

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just left click on digital image to get a larger view ...Ten Que 2 Wade 4 pix
Frank Baldivino,Earl Gushiken,Russel Rios,Lawrence Lau,Gordon Kam
Lei & Lani Tanaka,Julie Alejo,Linda Sasaki

Thursday, May 28, 2009

SIZZLER'S Pearlridge May 27 2009

back row.....Clifford Rubio,Frank Canete,Valerie Moniz,Patti Bontog,Lynn Sakamoto

front row.....Jackie Ebesu,Susan Aguisanda,Cynthia Sojot,Janet Rubio,Priscilla Badayos

tentative date & venue for Reunion @Rumours Ala Moana Hotel March 2010

Patti Bontog ....Then and Now

Wehart Hosea

Thanks for sending your digital photo for our Reunion

excerpts from email 6-2-09 by Wehart
I'm hoping to attend the reunion, probably in Las Vegas. Can't really say at this time, I travel about 90% of the time all over the country and overseas. Presently I'm assigned to Quantico MCB, VA but I technically work for the Dept of Navy, SPAWAR ATLANTIC in Charleston, SC. I'm assigned to the Marines as the SME (Subject Matter Expert) in SatCom (Satellite Communications). I've recently been asked to come back to Dept of Army as a IT Network Engineer just up the road from Quantico MCB at Ft. Belvoir, VA. Closer to DC and lots of traffic.

Ten Que for your update...currently looking for digital(jpg files) photos of other classmates and a short bio...plz send info to above email address...Aloha

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Priscilla Badayos Andy Ganigan Frank Canete
IBF World Champion Brian Viloria ....Frank Canete

Jesus Salud,Andy Ganigan,Trainer Al Silva,Brian Viloria,Ben Villaflor

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May Day is Lei Day in HAWAII 1968 Yearbook

The KOUNTS Class of 1970

ALOHA WEEK COURT 1968 Waipahu High

scanned page from KA MEA OHI 1969 of a few technicolor moments in our annual....ALOHA Week King and Queen ...seniors..Lance Nakasone and Miulang
Kahalehau....Senior Attendants....Terri Scott and Timmy Satot....Junior Attendants....Abby Banglos and Peter Esposito.....Sophomore Attendants....Marlene Sambueno.....Ernesto Villanova

TOP PICTURE ...row 1 left to right Francine Fujioka,Diane Honda,Tele Togiai,Leonard Mamala,
Miulang Kahelehau,Lance Nakasone,Myrna Martin,Paulette Martin,
row 2 Marlene Sambueno, Abigail Banglos,Terri Scott, Marcela Barcelona
row 3 Jacqueline Canoy,Donna Ching,Micheal Saragosa,Donna Bega,Deborah Tanji,Darlene Jerves,Earlene Grune,Denise Kia,Carol Yoon,Debbie Haino,Michele Sato
row 4 Ernesto Villanova,Arthur Kuwahara,Gordon Dano,Timmy Satot,Peter Esposito,
Moana Lafo,Debbie Andrade,Debbie White, Felipe Root,Oney Sunio

The NOMADS in Waipahu High aka AURA

Broad Recording Studio on King St where AURA recorded this album in 1979...rediscovered it... going thru my record archives ....Vince Mendoza the youngest brother just joined the original Society of Seven recently as their drummer

The Pharmacist at Pali Momi

Ron has reinvented Lovin Sounds recently with Wesley Nakashima & Harold Kageura,,, who are original members....maybe they can play for our 40th Reunion ????

Sunday, May 3, 2009

FLASH Vince Mendoza of Aura joins S.O.S.

The 40th anniversary SOS, front: new members Roy Venturina, Mike Laygo and Wayne Wakai; back, Bert Sagum, Tony Ruivivar, Hoku Low and newbie Vince Mendoza, drummer
fomerly of the family band Aura whose older brother Brian is fellow classmate at Waipahu High School and another classmate the late Clifford Abe was sound engineer for SOS in Hawaii and Las Vegas for almost 20 years before losing his battle with cancer on Feb 19 2009 at Pali Momi

Rex Navarrete THE Comedian Da Bomb

Charlene Cuaresma Community Leader

personal link to her social network Community Director for AANCARTHawai‘i...... AANCART provides consultation and technical assistance on policy development to the Inter-Agency Council for Immigrant Services and the Hawai‘i State legislature on the benefits of language access to address cancer disparities for people with limited English Proficiency
AANCART website

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gregg Preddy Transplanted Islander

Living large in Atlanta Georgia, just celebrated his birthday on May 1, Lei Day
so drop him a belated birthday greeting by clicking on this hyper link
A transplanted islander......he blogs in Pidgin.....Back to da Fucha !!!!!
working for IBM as a business information specialist for last 9 yrs

please register ur current info thru email at
for our classmate database to get updated info Ten Que Marauders70

Rick Egged Waikiki Improvement Assoc President

By Rick Egged President of Waikiki Improvement Association
I have been with the Waikiki Improvement Association (WIA) for the past nine years, happy to have a job supporting the community I love. WIA is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to making Waikiki a great place to invest, work, live and play. For almost 40 years - our anniversary is in October - WIA has worked with public officials, battled in the courts, lobbied in the Legislature, cleaned the beach, patrolled the streets of Waikiki, produced events for the community and much more.
Its members represent the major stakeholders in Waikiki - businesses of all types - the visitor industry, property owners and professionals. As the leading advocate for Waikiki, they work in partnership with business and government to identify needs, develop strategies, shape public policy and implement programs to strengthen the physical and economic vitality of Waikiki and its role in the state’s economy